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Experiencing periods of sadness and low mood is common. However, some people find that their low mood lingers for weeks and it can become very hard for them to be motivated to do the things they normally enjoyed doing. For others, they may notice they are more irritable or more lethargic than is typical for them. 

Common symptoms of depression include:

  • Low mood most days for at least 2 weeks

  • Reduced interest or engagement in activities that you'd normally find enjoyable

  • Sleeping problems (e.g. sleeping too much, spending a lot more time in bed; or having a lot more trouble sleeping) 

  • Appetite and weight changes (e.g. eating a lot less or a lot more than is typical for you) 

  • Concentration problems  (including difficulties making decisions about everyday things) 

  • Thoughts of suicide, including thoughts of not wanting to be here anymore 

There are some very effective treatments that exist for Depression, which can provide much needed relief for those suffering from it. All our clinicians are very experienced in the treatment of Depression and mood problems.  

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