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Navigating two different cultures can be a very challenging experience. Srishti has a particular interest in working with immigrants and children of immigrants from South Asian countries, who are experiencing mental health challenges in the context of their culture. 

Some common challenges these individuals experience include:

  • Making choices for oneself that may be different to cultural norms or expectations

  • Managing feelings of guilt and/or unrelenting standards 

  • Trying to work out one's identity in the context of differing cultures 

  • Being unable to communicate your needs in a way that is heard and understood by those in your family/community

  • Difficulty managing emotions in a helpful manner 

  • Adjusting to Australian culture in a social or occupational context 

Having immigrated from India as a very young child, Srishti brings a unique lens to therapy when working with South Asian populations. She can understand both the joys and challenges associated with balancing two different cultures. Srishti also speaks Hindi. 

Image by Lina Trochez
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