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Srishti Yadav - Clinical Supervisor 

Srishti is an approved supervisor by the Psychology Board of Australia. She has a particular interest in providing support to interns, registrars, and early career psychologists as they navigate the transition to independent practice.

With a deep understanding of the challenges and self-doubt that early career psychologists often face, Srishti focuses on developing their confidence through self-reflective practice and recognising and building upon their strengths. She also works closely with them to enhance their assessment and treatment skills. For those interested in incorporating specific therapeutic skills into their practice, Srishti encourages regular engagement in role-plays, sharing session recordings, and skill-building exercises.

Srishti offers individual supervision to those working with adults in a range of mental health settings. She specialises in the areas of depression, anxiety disorders, trauma, disordered eating, and cross-cultural issues. She has undertaken extensive training in the use of evidence-based therapies, includes cognitive behavioural therapy, prolonged exposure for trauma, schema therapy, and mindfulness-based techniques.

Known for her relaxed, warm, and approachable style, Srishti prioritises creating a supportive and encouraging environment where supervisees feel heard and valued. Building meaningful relationships with her supervisees brings her great joy, and she considers it a privilege to support them as they achieve their goals and develop autonomy in their professional journeys.

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